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We Turn Your Ideas into Designs.



Hi, We Are The Team Behind Movico Design

Brands struggle to establish a unique and captivating visual identity, restricting themselves from standing out in a crowded marketplace. At Movico, we specialize in designing effective logos, brand identities and packaging materials. By combining creativity, strategic thinking, and expert craftsmanship, we empower brands to convey unique stories and values through captivating designs. Our collaborative approach ensures that each brand receives personalized attention and a tailored solution that captures its essence. Our vision is to transform brands’ ideas into compelling visuals that resonate with their target audience.

About us

Unwrap success with sensational packaging designs that make your products pop! Get ready to leave a lasting impression and make your competition green with envy.


Transform your brand's vision into a captivating masterpiece that speaks volumes with just a glance. Let your logo do the talking, while you do the business


Unleash the magic of storytelling as we craft a brand experience that sparks love at first sight. Stand out, stay memorable, and conquer the hearts of your audience!


Unwrap success with sensational label designs that make your products pop! Get ready to leave a lasting impression and make your competition green with envy.




Hear from them

The logo you've created goes beyond being a mere symbol; it is a visual representation of the values and style that Kevin Kin Clothing stands for. We are confident that it will serve as a powerful and memorable emblem for our brand

Rakshit sharma, Founder
Kevin Kin

Your creative vision and design expertise have played a pivotal role in bringing the essence of Nutryum to life. The logo you crafted is not just a visual representation but a true embodiment of our brand values - fresh, wholesome, and delightful.

Mayank singh


Your creativity and attention to detail truly surpassed our expectations. The logo you crafted perfectly captures the essence of our brand — the blend of natural elegance and modern sophistication that defines Harskin.

Harneet kaur, Founder

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